How do I gather....

How do I gather lsa_latency and other cifsdomain counters in  Perf Advisor per KB 1011534?

Re: How do I gather....

Do execute the following cli.

[root@lnx ~]# dfm perf counter list <filername/id>:cifsdomain:*:*

Object    Instance                 Counter                  Label1    Label2    Unit      Priv

-------   ---------                --------                 -------   -------   -----     -----

cifsdomain                samr_latency                                 millisec  diag

cifsdomain                lsa_latency_base                             none      diag

cifsdomain                netlogon_latency_base                        none      diag

cifsdomain                samr_latency_base                            none      diag

cifsdomain                lsa_latency                                  millisec  diag

cifsdomain                netlogon_latency                             millisec  diag

[root@lnx1 ~]#

The instance column output stripped off to maintain anonymity

Then use the perf view create cli as below.

dfm perf view2 create -c <filername/id>:cifsdomain:<output of instance column>:lsa_latency v1 60 10800 View v1 created successfully