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How do I set Quotas on a volume?


is it possible to set the following quota on a volume without setting a qtree?

*    tree@/vol/vol1   31457280K   -   -   -   -

I would use the following command in the PowerShell:

Set-NaQuota tree vol1 * -Disk 30g




How do I set Quotas on a volume?

If you'd like to set quota on a volume - Not with the certified commands.

You'd need to clone the ResizeQtreeQuota and make some changes to it.

We have not encountered a use case for it in the past.

In the CreateQtree command or the ResizeQtreeQuota you can set a quota on a qtree within a volume.

It will set a type "tree" quota.

Note that in 1.0.1 we pushed those quota parameters (DiskLimit and FileLimit) into the qtree object.

The Auto upgrader will take care of that.