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How to change device name in OCI?

Hi all..


I am working on an oci installation project.

The customer wants to change the storage name in the data source. but I colul not find the way..

Name the storage device in the figure below as oci  Is there a way to change it?

If impossible; If you register a name for the IP below in the oci server hosts file,
Could it be seen by that name? The IP below is Hicommand Server IP.




And I want to know if the log file for the violation information is generated separately.

The oci version is 7.3.1.
Thank you for your help.


Re: How to change device name in OCI?

Those are the names of those arrays within HDS HiCommand Device Manager.


OCI will bring in the names of those arrays as seen in HiCommand.


Re: How to change device name in OCI?

I absolutely agree with you.

Can not change any storage device name on oci itself?

So can I change the IP of the Hi Command Server shown in the picture ? For example, by registering the IP name in the OCI server hosts file.

And will the violation event be recorded in the oci log directory? Because the customer uses the application to control the this log. If do not have a log records, I need to configure syslog server.

thanks for your help, Matt

Re: How to change device name in OCI?

You cannot change it in OCI. OCI assumes that since someone named that array that way in HiCommand, that the name is what you want.



OCI does not log violations to a log file. OCI can generate syslog events, or SNMP traps for violations, but none of the OCI server logs will contain the violations.


Re: How to change device name in OCI?

Thanks a lot. You've been a big help.

Re: How to change device name in OCI?

For nearly all storage datasources, the name of the array OCI reports is the name the OCI retrieves from the device itself. It is not something from IP/hostnames


Regardless of whether an OCI HDS HiCommand datasource is configured to talk to an IP address, simple or fully qualified domain name, what OCI reports for HDS block storage arrays will be what HiCommand tells us for their names


Re: How to change device name in OCI?

I understand well. Thanks matt.