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How to enable OnCommand performance counters from the cli


Here is my situation - I'm running OnCommand 5.0 with Performance Advisor enabled.  I've recently permitted vCOPs to use OC as a data source for pulling out performance data into its own database for further processing and consumption.  As part of this integration I need to enable certain performance counters that aren't already enabled by default (e.g., cifs_ops, queue_full, etc...) either by allowing vCOPs Global Write access to OC or Global Read only and I enable the counters by hand.

Since I'm not willing to grant Global Write access to vCOPs, I have to enable these counters by hand.  I know how to do this via the Perf Advisor gui and the Data Collection configuration wizard.  However, when dealing with dozens of controllers per OC server, this is not scalable.  So, does anyone know how to enable perf counters via the cli so I can script this and just loop through each controller?  Even if the cli can only do this at the counter group level I'll take it.

I haven't found the commands yet but will keep looking, thanks.


Re: How to enable OnCommand performance counters from the cli

And I just answered my own question:

dfm perf data enable 113 fcp fcp_write_data

Hopefully this will help someone else...