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How to get DFM updated after head swap


After a headswap, all DFM host info did not get updated. Any ideas how to fix this?

So this is part of "dfm host diag <nodename>" output:

Host Details

According to:   DataFabric Manager server       Host

Host Name

System ID       0101169XXX                     0118055YYY

Model           FAS3050                        FAS3040

Type            Storage System                 Storage System

OS Version                        8.0.2P4 7-Mode

Revisions       330,8.0,2.1                    330,8.0,2.1

I don't want to delete the old host and create a new one since there's historical usage data I want to keep.

Thanks in advance,

Erik Stjerna

Re: How to get DFM updated after head swap

Hi Erik,

     During this head swap what all did you change ? IP address ? Host name ? Check the following FAQ.



Re: How to get DFM updated after head swap

Hi Adai,

Well it's really only the sysid that changed. Hostname and IP remains the same as for the old FAS3050.

Data ONTAP was upgraded right after the actual swap, DOT 7.3 -> 8.0.

Also, the "new" FAS3040 was redeployed from a different role with a different hostname which still does exist in the DFM db as a deleted item.

I have tried "dfm host discover" manually a couple of times but this does not make a difference.

One more thing that might complicate a delete and re-add of the host might be that this system is used as a a destination system for Protection Manager managed backups.

So maybe I could *really* delete the old entry for the FAS3040 and the entry I care about will be updated?

Or maybe poke around with dfm query run -f "select/delete/update...." so that the entries would be more to my liking - scary.....


Re: How to get DFM updated after head swap

you may want to delete the OLD FAS 3040(using dfm host delete -f) which still exist in the DFM db as deleted item.Also can you check if you are getting any host identity conflict event ?

Also can you get us the output of dfm diag <hostid>



Re: How to get DFM updated after head swap

I collected DFMDC a couple of days ago. Have a look in /x/eng/cs-data/2002741907.

I suppose you want "dfm host diag <id>". It's in the dfmhost.out log file in the above directory.


Re: How to get DFM updated after head swap

This issue went away. Suppose DFM just figured it out in the end. After the Christmas/New Year's change freeze at customer, DFM looked OK...