How to make OCI (SANScreen) work with HDS AMS/WMS and AMS2000

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I'm trying to figure out how to make this work, the purpose is to get statistics from the Hitachi array:

- Does SANScreen need mandatorily Hitachi HiCommand Device Manager for both USP/USP-V(M)/VSP (High End) and AMS/AMS2000/HUS100 (Midrange)?

- In case of AMS2000, does it need to use local account(s) for accesing the array, I mean to work with OCI (by itself it´s not necessary)? I just see credentials to log into SNM2 GUI not the array. In case OCI needs a local account for the array, I'll have to activate the  ACCOUNT license. Which privileges does this particular local account need, so OCI can use it to collect stats?

- I used to work with Hitachi storage arrays so I don't know what Device Manager or Device Manager Lite on OCI's datasources refers to. For me it's just Device Manager which is "optional" for midrange platforms.

- As my comment KB should be more accurate about this stuff since HDS treats HighEnd arrays different from Midrange arrays, so Export Tools doesn´t make sense on Midrange, neither Device Manager since this is optional and could not be located in every AMS/WMS/AMS2000 installation.

btw we're using OCI 6.3.1 running on Windows Server 2008 x64, SNM2 CLI already installed. The AMS2300 is running microcode 0897/B

Please share your experiences and comments

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Re: How to make OCI (SANScreen) work with HDS AMS/WMS and AMS2000

Yes, we do require HiCommand for inventory aspects for both USPv/VSP and AMS families of arrays. Our approach for performance data is different, but for Inventory, HiCommand is required. For AMS array performance, we do use the SNM CLI.