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How to protect your DFM database?

Hi all,

I m trying to find different ways to protect my OnCommand installation...

=> DFM is installed in a linux VM (NFS Datastore)

the install documentation states that we can use Veritas CS...

but what about VMWare Fault Tolerance?

or SnapCreator to snapshot the Sybase DB + Snapmirror ?

thanks for your help

Re: How to protect your DFM database?


OnCommand 5.0 doesn;t support VMWare Fault Tolerance and Snap creator snapshots.

But you can use OnCommand Disaster Recover solution using Protection manager and SDW to Mirror the OnCommand to remote location.

For High Availability you can use VCS(Veritas Cluster Server).


Re: How to protect your DFM database?


VCS and MSCS are good option for HA, incase one node goes down still your DFM will be available.

VMware HA and Clustering would be a good option if you feel that one of your ESX node might go down.

You can schedule internal dfm db backup. "dfm backup create",

yes snapmirror also could help -> move your dfm data to a separate volume and snapmirror that but you would need to backup the "conf" directory aswell.



Re: How to protect your DFM database?

thanks guys