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How to show absolute Inodes used in OnCommand

I would like to use OnCommand Operations Manager to view the number of inodes per volume.  I can find % inodes used as a report field, but not absolute inodes used.  Checking the CLI with "dfm detail <object id of a volume>" I see in the output these fields:

dfInodesPercent                    30

dfInodesTotal                      1729406

dfInodesUsed                       511104

Is there any way to use this information in a report?

The reason we care about absolute # of inodes used is we use NDMP/dump for backups to tape and volumes that have [too] many files become difficult to manage.  Being able to report on this field would be useful for planning datalayout.




Re: How to show absolute Inodes used in OnCommand

Hi Chris,

     Pls find attached the script-plugin that generate this data. It uses perl. Use the Readme file inside the zip for setting it up as a script plugin.



Re: How to show absolute Inodes used in OnCommand

Hi Adai,

Very clever way to get the inode information into the reporting views!  I made a couple of small updates so that the sorting on these fields works correctly.  Also I created a windows binary version to remove the requirement for perl on windows.  I have attached the updated version (now v1.1) for plug-in packages in both perl and windows binary formats.