IOPS handling capacity?

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1. I wanted to know what is the IOPS handling capacity of below type of disks( in other words, how many iops can a invididual disk take):

a. FC


c. SAS

2. Does it also depend on size of disk? Means IOPS handling capacity of 144gb and 300gb is same or it will be different.

3. How to calculate the IOPS handling capacity of disk shelf? Is it simple just to multiply number of disk with IOPS handled by that disk or there is some formula of that?

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Re: IOPS handling capacity?


usualy we say:

FC/SAS 10k 100 IOPS

FC/SAS 15k 190 IOPS


A 15k Shelf (14 15k rpm disks) usualy adds up to about 2000 IOPS.

All at 20ms, 4k random read, usual workset.

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Re: IOPS handling capacity?

Agree with Thomas.  Have seen higher rates on 15k FC @ 250.  The numbers are random IO rates.  If your data is sequental the rates can be much higher.


Re: IOPS handling capacity?

Thanks Thomas.

How and where can I check the iops on the disks?

Re: IOPS handling capacity?

This is just a small sizing guideline. If you want official numbers which you hand out to your potential customers, please get in touch with your local sales representative as these documents are NDA.