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IOPs report not showing Total Ops/Sec for all volumes

We have 4 filers, the custom report that I havre created displays the "Volume Total Ops/Sec" for all of the volumes on one of the 4 filers but for the other three leaves it blank although is able to successfully return the details on "Volume Full Name, Volume Name, Volume Status, Volume Used% and Volume Used Capacity".

I am just needing to set "dfm option set perfAdvisorShowDiagCounters=yes" on the DFM server or are there some options that need configured on ontap for the three filers that are not presenting the info into DFM?


IOPs report not showing Total Ops/Sec for all volumes

Hi, welcome to the community.

I have seen this issue on my system before.  It can happen on volumes which is have moved between filers and broken something in the DFM database.  However the more common cause, is my DFM server is on a low spec server and complex reports beat the single DAS disk to death.  The report times out and returns 0.

To test for this, use windows performance view and monitor local disk, ave queue length for the DFM database drive.  If it is higher that 2 for a sustained period... Upgrade time

Hope it helps