Implementing / Managing Windows Quotas

I currently have a situation whereby the user is using a Windows enviroment whereby they have multiple folders which all have quotas applied to them, these folders also have subdirectories which also have quota polices applied.

From researching around it appears that Windows environments can only implement quotas on NetApp via "Users" or "Qtrees" BUT not via "Groups".  "Groups" are ONLY supported in UNIX.

Initially the customer was hoping to use some form of group based policy rather than using a user based policy or qtree quota based policy.

I have also looked in to NetApp software for managing Quotas (possibility for creating default Quota groups/policies to apply to the Users/Qtrees in sets/groups) - I beleive this software is called: File Storage Resource Manager (FSRM), which is now included in Ops manager - is this correct?

My questions are:

1. How do NetApp usually handle such requests for Windows managing and implmenting Quota's at group based levels? Is it not possible and therefore it is the case of creating a Qtree per folder, and any sub folders each having their own Qtree with there own Quota applied?

(This could get repeatative and the customer was hoping for an easier method for managing and implementing the quota's).

2. If FSRM the tool for managing Quotas, how is it implemented?

Is it included within the Op's manager license?

Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for documentation to configure the FSRM?

(I see its suppose to: Set hard quotas and soft thresholds – use File Storage Resource Manager to set hard quotas and soft thresholds and to receive. policy violation notification)

Any other suggestions for easy quota managment and implementation would be appreciated.

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System manager 1.1 can manage quotas too

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hello Isanchez,

I saw this was now available although the customer was hoping for something a little more configurable/managable.

Thank you for the input though

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I guess my suggestion is not going to help as the suggested volume/qtree structure probably is not in place but wouldnt 1 qtree per windows group and a quota on that qtree achieve this?


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I have the same question.  Our current filesharing team not only would like to be able to apply quotas on subfolders but they would also like to have templates that they could easily apply to these folders.  They are currently using Windows File Server Resource Manager which works well for them.  I don't believe there's anything like this for Data ONTAP but I'm still looking and hope that your question is answered.  I've also seen some people talk about creating aliases that are nested (?) but haven't had a chance to really read up on that.  I'll comment here if I find anything out and hopefully you'll do the same!