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Initializing a StoreVault S500

Anyone ever have to restore one of these things to factory defaults?

Is there something similar to a "4a" routine that you can run on a regular filer?

UPDATE:  I was able to recover the Storevault S500 to factory settings, and also to upgrade to the latest Ontap by following the instructions in an "internal only" support document.

Basically, you can use the console connection to do the 4a install to create  the flexible root volume, then setup CIFS, then copy the "PCdist.zip" file (the ontap code) to the C$\etc\software folder just like a regular filer, although you have to create the folder first.

It is vitally important to do an "nlicense" to get the existing licenses, or you'll have to beg someone inside Netapp for keys.


Re: Initializing a StoreVault S500

HI there,

yes there is a 4a option. Just remember to get a copy of your options settings and the licenses installed.