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Installing Data fabric manager.

Hello netapp guru's,

I need to install data fabric manager and and discover  15 filers in it , so can any one please

share me what are the things i need to take into consideration and if possible any document regarding data fabric manager installation.

Thanks in Advance.


Re: Installing Data fabric manager.


Download the application installer and admin guide from here:


You need to browse to "Operations Manager, Protection Manager, Provisioning Manager"

Start off with the defaults and then start changing things when you have a 'feel' for how it works.  3.8 is the better version as you can have more filters on your alerts.

Hope this helps


Re: Installing Data fabric manager.

Really just pretty straightforward -- go through the docs (and the sizing Technical Report) and you should be good.

Discovering arrays in particular is pretty easy.

Re: Installing Data fabric manager.

Can you give a link to the technical report?

Thank you if you answer.

Re: Installing Data fabric manager.

Do you mean the following technical report: http://media.netapp.com/documents/tr-3440.pdf ?