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Is FAS2020 supports 2 disk loops?


I have a customer that has FAS270 with internal FC disks and additional SATA shelf.

I wish to propose an upgrade solution that will keep the TCO by converting the FAS270 to a DS14MK4 shelf and by then connect this shelf to the 1st FC port on the FAS2020.

Then the SATA shelf to the 2nd FC port on the FAS2020.

I am aware that in this case two things must be considered:

1. No FC to hosts will be available

2. Single path to disk shelves is less recommended.

This configuration will allow me to connect both SATA and FC shelves to filer and will alllow further expansion for each disks type.

I wonder if this configuration is valid and supported by NetApp.

I read @NOW that two loops are supported but I did not read any refererence to SATA loop and FC loop.


Re: Is FAS2020 supports 2 disk loops?

The Netapp Hardware Universe document states that 2 back end FC loops and 4 expansion disk shelves are supported.

SATA on one loop and FC on the other loop. I can't see a problem.

Re: Is FAS2020 supports 2 disk loops?

Supported per the System Configuration guides as well...


The only caveat would be that if you have 2 separate disk types (requiring 2 separate FC backend loops) you won't be able to do MPHA (required for non-disruptive AT-FCX shelf firmware updates).

One option if you do want MPHA but also need different disk types is to use SATA internally and FC externally (or SAS internally and then SATA externally).