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It is possible to change sample history table?

Hi Team,

I have a customer who wants to check capacity data of aggregate/volume from 30 days ago with every 15m sampling rate.
So, I tried following command.

1. dfm graph -s 2592000 volume-usage-vs-total-1d

I could collect every 15m data, but only for 37.5 hours.

2. dfm graph -s 2592000 volume-usage-vs-total-1m

I could collect 30 days data, but only every 8 hours sampling rate.

In "storage capacity management which uses a NetApp administration executive",
it is written as "the sample history table made into the sample of 150".

It is possible to change max count(150) of sample history table?

or Would you tell me any ideas of way to collect 30 days data every 15m?

Best Regards,

Shingo Itoh


Re: It is possible to change sample history table?

HI Shingo,

Pls take a look  at this doc, which explains how history day is stored. To answer you question, the sampling is fixed for each history table and cant be changed.

Storage Capacity Management using OnCommand Operations Manager

Below is the snippet of info which is of interest to you.

Purging of Older Samples from History Tables:

To keep the database size under control, samples from each of the history tables are purged when they get old. A maximum of 150 samples are kept in each sample history table for one storage object, which translates into:

• 37.5 hours in daily sample table

• 12.5 days in weekly sample table

• 50 days in monthly sample table

• 5 months in quarterly sample table.

• Samples in yearly sample table are never purged.

Operations Manager UI does not provide graphs that span longer than a year; “dfm graph” cli can be used to get older data from the yearly sample table.



Re: It is possible to change sample history table?

Hi adai-san,

Thank you so much for your kind reply!

I got the answer that I wanted.

So, should Cu collect everyday "dfm graph volume-usage-vs-total-1d" when Cu want to collect every 15m sampling rate data?

Thanks again,


Re: It is possible to change sample history table?

Hi Shingo-san,

     If you notice in DFM/OC the capacity utilization of volume/aggr is done once every 30mins by default by dfmon monitor. But our history graphs have a consolidation mechanism for each history table like week, month etc.

This section of the doc explains how history data is accumated in database for monitors which are more than 15 minutes( under which category we fall now)

CASE 3: Monitoring interval more than 15 mins Sample



Re: It is possible to change sample history table?

Hi adai-san

Thank you for your advice!