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LUN Capacity report

I'm looking to build a report that show LUN capacity information (total size and free capacity) I don't see the option to report on free capacity at the LUN level. Is this possible with version 1.0?


Re: LUN Capacity report

Free capacity as in what the host sees as free space, or free capacity as in what blocks of a thin provisioned lun have not yet been allocated from the array?

The first definition requires an agent on the host to collect that type of data as the array does not have it.

Re: LUN Capacity report

The host is ESX with NetApp think LUNs presented. I want to be able to see what blocks of the thin LUN that have not been allocated yet

Re: LUN Capacity report

I don't know about 'OnCommand Report' shows it or not. OnCommand System Manager 2 reports used space for LUN page.

Re: LUN Capacity report

OnCommand Insight Plan can do this heterogeneously at scale. Not sure if Report can do this for Ontap