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License warning alert

Hi all

I have an Operations Manager 4.0 server managing a two-node HA pair (FAS3150). The Ops Mgr software is licensed for two nodes and we are getting warning alerts that there are no free licenses - i.e. both licenses are in use. There is no problem with the licensing, it is licensed to monitor two nodes and it is monitoring two nodes as expected. How do I prevent or supress this alert?


Adam White

License warning alert

Hi Adam,

     Operations Manger generate the following events, the license reaches limit.

[root@lnx]# dfm eventtype list | grep -i license

management-station:license-expired            Error        dfm.license.expiration

management-station:license-nearly-expired     Warning      dfm.license.expiration

management-station:license-not-expired        Normal       dfm.license.expiration

management-station:node-limit-nearly-reached  Warning      dfm.license.limit

management-station:node-limit-ok              Normal       dfm.license.limit

management-station:node-limit-reached         Error        dfm.license.limit

management-station:protmgr-node-limit-nearly-reached Warning      dfm.protlicense.limit

management-station:protmgr-node-limit-ok      Normal       dfm.protlicense.limit

management-station:protmgr-node-limit-reached Error        dfm.protlicense.limit

management-station:provmgr-node-limit-nearly-reached Warning      dfm.provlicense.limit

management-station:provmgr-node-limit-ok      Normal       dfm.provlicense.limit

management-station:provmgr-node-limit-reached Error        dfm.provlicense.limit


you cant stop the events by you can change/modify the severity of the event to information so that you dont find nagging messages.

[root@lnx]# dfm eventtype modify help


    modify --


    dfm eventType modify -v <event-severity> <event-name>


[root@lnx]# dfm eventtype modify -v Information  management-station:node-limit-reached

Modified event "management-station:node-limit-reached".

[root@lnx]# dfm eventtype list management-station:node-limit-reached

Event Name                                         Severity     Class

-------------------------------------------------- ------------ ------------------

management-station:node-limit-reached         Information  dfm.license.limit