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Limiting OnCommand port usage

I am running OnCommand in a secure environment. It appears OnCommand is trying to connect to various hosts on port 10000.  Is there any way to stop that? 


Re: Limiting OnCommand port usage


Yes there is way to turn OFF autodiscovery. Port 10000 is used by NDMP, so you will have to turn off this option in specific.

[root@vmlnx ~]# dfbm options list discoverNdmp

Option          Value

--------------- ------------------------------

discoverNdmp    Enabled


You can disable all auto discovery by setting the below autodiscover options appropriately.

[root@vmlnx~]# dfm options list | grep -i discover

discoverAgents                        Enabled

discoverClusters                      Enabled

discoverEnabled                       Enabled

discoverHostInitEnabled               Enabled

discoverHosts                         Enabled

discoverInterval                      15 minutes

discoverNetworks                      Disabled

discoverSAN                           Enabled

discoverTimeout                       5 seconds

discoverVfilers                       Enabled

networkDiscoveryLimit                 15