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Looking for WFA 2.0 Download


Could you give me a link to download WFA 2.0?

Thanks a lot for your help.

Re: Looking for WFA 2.0 Download

Thanks for your prompt reply.

but when I clicked to that link it responded as "Unauthorized Access"

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Re: Looking for WFA 2.0 Download

If your account is linked to a NetApp system you should have access to download.  If you have a guest account (i.e. not a NetApp customer and/or your account is not linked to a NetApp serial #) then you are not entitled to download the software.  My suggestion is to open a support case as they can check entitlements or update your registration. 

Re: Looking for WFA 2.0 Download

Hello Hemadri,

I know you contacted me offline, and we can continue the conversation there.  Chris is right, if you do not have a account (also known as a NOW account) then you will not be able to download the software.