Lun - IOPS

Good morning,

I wonder if it is possible to visualize the configuration of IOPS in which an lun and command??


Re: Lun - IOPS

Please  try

stats list instances lun

stats show –I 1 –n 10 lun:lun_instance_name

refer man page for additional information.

Also there is a lun_top tool available on NOW site, toolschest which you an downland and install on a windows or unix cleint, that might also help.

Re: Lun - IOPS

not sure if I understand your question, but I use this command to watch IOPs.

'sysstat -x 1' (the -x is a flag for all things you can watch, and the 1 is refresh rate in seconds). then depending on protocol, you can watch IOPs. FCP, iSCSI, or NFS.

also, if you set up Operations Manager (DFM, OnCommand), then download the management console from there, you can get visual representations.

hope that helps.