Manageability SDK 4.0 Compatibility with Simultor 7.3


I am trying to integrate our product with NetApp.

So far we have the simulator 7.3 up and running.

Is it compatible with NetApp Manageability SDK 4.0?

I am interested in using Provision Manager Methods.



rle Netapp Alumni

Re: Manageability SDK 4.0 Compatibility with Simultor 7.3

ONTAP 7.3 is compatible with the NetApp Manageability SDK 4.0.

The NetApp Manageability SDK 4.0 encompasses both Operations Manager, and ONTAP.  Operations Manager is a separate off box management tool that communticates with the storage controllers running Data ONTAP.  See: for details.

The Provisioning Manager APIs are for Operations Manager, not ONTAP, so ONTAP 7.3 is irrelavate to Provisioning Manager APIs.  While you're reading the API documentation, check-out the storage-service APIs as well.  Storage services abstract provisioning and protection policies into one storage service.  See: for more information on storage services.

   - Rick -