Management Console Java exception

I have a peer that has tried to install the Netapp Management Console multiple times on a Windows XP desktop.  The installation works fine, and the install.log doesn't report any failures.  But every time he tries to run it, he gets a java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException exception.

I'll admit I'm at a loss because out of about six different people in the same corporate IT environment, he's the only one that encounters this error.

Has anyone else run into something like this?


Chris J


Re: Management Console Java exception

Based on my experience, this happens when the installation is corrupt.

The best way forward is to uninstall the NMC, delete the install dir too, reboot and  a clean install will wipe away this problem.



Re: Management Console Java exception

There is an old burt about the same problem.

Looks like this installation curruption may happen when you upgrade from an old version to a new version and uninstallation of the old one didn't go fine in the upgrade process.

Fix to fix this as adai said.

1. Un-intall the current NMC.

2. Delete all directories from C:\Program Files\Netapp\Management Console or where ever you have installed your NMC.

3. Re-install and it should work alright.

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