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Managing Netapp environment using On Command

Hi all,

I am currently in the process of finding information regarding managing a netapp environment using the on command software. I have a number of questions regarding the on command software and wondered if anyone can offer any help or advice. As far as i'm aware on command is a central management interface which is accessible via a web gui. My question is regarding server specs to host the software and any specific requirements which are needed. Our enviroment will likely have a numbe of netapp units as we progress and want to understand any specific requirements which are likely to be needed.




Re: Managing Netapp environment using On Command

Hi Frazer,

Got few questions on the storage environment that you plan to monitor & manage:

1. What is the version of the ONTAP running? Also is it running 7-mode or C-Mode?

2. How many storage systems/clusters you plan to manage?

3. Do you wish to monitor performance stats as well?

4. What data protection requirements do you have?

5. How is your datacenter topology? Is it spread across geos?

6. Do you use any of the virtualization products in your DC?

To get the system requirement to run OnCommand UM please refer to documentation at: