Maximum number of groups in Ops Manager


The manual states "You can create any number of groups" (opsmgr4.0 page 79)

IHAC who needs  ~1000.

Practically, how many hierarchichal groups can you create in Ops Manager ? What is the maximum number ?

Do you have customers with such a large number of groups ?

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Re: Maximum number of groups in Ops Manager

Ideally there is no limitation.

Starting Ops-Mgr version 3.8.1 we fixed issues some performance issues due to groups..

But the sizing is only done for 250 in DFM  4.0

Check the sizing for more info.

But 1000 groups shouldn’t be a problem.And theoretically there is no limitation.

3.8.1 or latter versions of DFM  you shouldn’t have problems with 1000 groups.