Microsoft Systems Center Orchestrator 2012 and WFA


I have a customer who has recently implemented Microsoft Systems Center Orchestrator 2012 for several end to end provisioning workflows using the Data ONTAP powershell toolkit for the NetApp touch points.  At the time he was not aware of WFA and is now curious about it, and how SCO 2012 and WFA can potentially be used in combination to exploit the strengths of each product.

Does anyone have experience integrating these two?  Small details, gory details, anything is welcome.  I did search the communities first and found some older posts here and here, but maybe in the meantime someone has more to share!

Chris Madden
Storage Architect


Re: Microsoft Systems Center Orchestrator 2012 and WFA

Hi Chris,

     I dont have one for MS-SCOM or atleast not seen.

But we do have Technical Reports with the following Orchestrators

  1. vCloud
  2. HP Operations Orchestration
  3. BMC Atrium Orchestration
  4. fluid Operations eCloudManager and Activiti

Give a try in fieldportal for WFA and look for the Binder named "WFA Integration with various Orchestrators"