Migrating PM backups to new filers

Hey all,

I have a DFM/Protection Manager server (version 4.0.2D5) that manages many backup relationships (qsm, snapvault, ossv and vsm) into 3 aggregates, all on one FAS6030 controller.

We recently purchased a FAS3210 to replace it and I wanted to know if anyone has done such a thing before.

The physical replacemt should be easy, the problem is that the new 3210 will have a different ip and hostname then the original 6030 and my wonders are about the procedure taken to resume the backup relationships towards the new filer.

Is anyone familiar with the process and can lighten my path?

Re-baselining all the data is of course the least welcomed option.

Thanks a lot,

Re: Migrating PM backups to new filers

Is the controller being changed is source or destination ? If its destination use the secondary storage migration. NMC>Hosts>Aggregates>Manage Space >Migrate Volume.

If its primary let me give you a process.