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Modular Workflow: Expression could not be evaluated

Hi All,

        I am building a Modular workflow with 2 command and a child workflow repeated twice.

When doing a preview I get the following error, in my parent workflow were the child workflow get evaluated.


The 'quiesceSnapmirror.volume.vserver.cluster.name' expression that is used to define the '$ClusterName' user input in the 'Storage Reclamation_Progress' child workflow could not be evaluated.
Reason: Illegal expression: quiesceSnapmirror.volume.vserver.cluster.name
Location: 'Storage Reclamation_Progress' child workflow > 'Workflow' tab > 'renamePrimaryVolume' variable




quiesceSnapmirror is the Variable definintion for SnapMirror Quiesce Command

renamePrimayVolume is the Variable definintion for child workflow step in the parent workflow

Storage Reclamation_Progress is the Child workfow name









Re: Modular Workflow: Expression could not be evaluated

Hi All,

 I got this resolved, with help of paragp one of the netapp engineer. Thanks to him for the same.

The issue was, in the child workflow, I was using the reference of variables defined in my first step/command which was disabled due to the logic in my workflow