Monitor thin provisioned volumes - % of maximum-size

Is there an easy way to report on how much growth volumes have before they reach the autosize maximum limit?  I want to use operations manager and have been playing with the 'canned' reports but can not see the one I need.

I currenlty have an alarm set on "Volume Autosize" events, which tells me when volumes grow and then I check the sizes with CLI

df -g vms01

Filesystem         total       used          avail    capacity  Mounted on
/vol/vms01/      175GB      133GB       41GB      77%  /vol/vms01/

vol status -v vms01



Volume autosize settings:
                                        maximum-size=725 GB
                                        increment-size=25 GB

This works OK for the current 'test' volumes but we want to role out thin-provisioning and the above solution does not scale.  Thinking I want something like the existing "Volume Growth" report but which shows both the current total size and with maximum growth.

Re: Monitor thin provisioned volumes - % of maximum-size

Did you have a look at the below canned report ?

[root@lnx ~]# dfm report view volumes-autosize-details
Object ID Volume              Storage Server                    Autosize State Maximum Size Increment Size
--------- ------------------- --------------------------------- -------------- ------------ --------------

Else this should be possible with the dfm database query run cli from which you can get what you are looking for.