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Monitoring autosize limits?

We recently implemented autosizing on a number of volumes, and i'm wondering how to monitor the volume size in regards to the maximum autosize settings.

I know there is a autogrow event in operations manager so you can see when a volume has autogrown, but i'm wondering if there is some way to get an alert whenever an (autogrown) volume size is nearing the defined maximum size?


Re: Monitoring autosize limits?

I agree this would be useful to have in Ops Manager. We currently rely on the "volume almost full" and "volume full" alerts but those are in percentages so we have to adjust them. It would also be nice if the volume autogrow functionality can be modified to ensure a certain percentage amount free in the volume rather than space available. I think snap autodelete can work from a percentage?

Re: Monitoring autosize limits?

I admit that the event would really be useful, but for the mean time you can write a simple script and generate a custom event, that calculates the volume fullness with respect to the Autosize max and not the current total size of the volume.



Re: Monitoring autosize limits?

Powershell is not my strong point.  What would an example of the script look like please?  I need to alert / report on this before I can role out thin provisioning on 50+ volumes.