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Move a qsm destination volume with Protection Manager

I need some help with how to move a qsm destination volume created with Protection Manager.

This volume needs to be moves to the other aggregate, aggr1, on the same filer to free up some space in aggr0.

There are two resource pools, aggr0 and aggr1.

The dataset that has this volume is using the DR Backup Policy.

Under Hosts, Aggregate I have used Space Management to try to move the volume between the aggregates.

When I choose the Aggregate that the the volume reside in it says that there is no Migration capable datasets

I have created a signle resource pool with both aggregates in and changed the actual dataset so it has that resource pool.

It still doesn't show up as Migration capable.

Any idees?


Move a qsm destination volume with Protection Manager

Running dfm 4.0.1

Found Destination_Volume_Migration_in_DFM_4[1] document. will try this out.

Move a qsm destination volume with Protection Manager

Added resources in data set and now we got the following:

C:\Users\karliadm>dfpm migrate volume -D FS2-6:/fs2_5_ultfs_backup

Migration dry run results


Volume to migrate:      FS2-6:/fs2_5_ultfs_backup (16867)


Do: Select a destination resource for migrating

Effect: Attention: Failed to select a resource.


Storage system : 'FS2-6.slu.se'(97):

     - The requested size 3.00 TB is more than the default maximum size (512 GB)

allowed for deduplication.

Tried sis off /vol/fs2_5_ultfs_backup and rerun the dfm command with same result.