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Moving resouce pools

Is it ok to do an aggr copy of data that is being SV'd to a particular aggr and then repoint the SV to the new aggr?  This using PM to handle the relationship.  Following is what is being proposed by the customer:

Do aggr copy of data from one aggr to another

Repoint the resource pool to the new aggr

Continue on with current schedule.

Is this possible to do in PM and will it cause any issues?


Re: Moving resouce pools


No. After copying the data into new aggr, PM will not recognize the new resources or they will have to be manually added in the datasets.

This manual addition loses the backup versions from PM.

My suggestion is, if you are using DFM 4.0 you can safely migrate the secondary volumes in to another aggregate(on the same filer or different filer) without losing

Any backup versions, History data.



Re: Moving resouce pools

The reason behind your aggr copy is current aggr running out of space?

If the answer is yes to the above, then pls go head and start using the secondary space management feature of 4.0