NDMP issues

I'm running DOT 8.0 with DFM 4.0D12... since the upgrade to 4.0D12, I’ve hit a burt where ndmp sessions lock open.  I've also noticed that when using the NMC, my NDMP status is showing 'down'. I've verified ndmp is enabled, all locked sessions and have even gone through 'diagnose' via NMC.... my status remains down and as a result, my protected datasets are no longer backing up (using SV.

Anyone have any thoughts on the matter? if you need more detail ,ping me and I'll get you what you need.


Re: NDMP issues

Are the sessions still open on the filer? If they are, that's likely why we show the NDMP status as "down". We periodically try to connect to the filer, but that will fail if there are no sessions available.

I don't know why ONTAP would keep the sessions open. Check for ONTAP bugs. Are you deduping the SV destination volume? Perhaps that is doing it. The session might stay open until a dedupe scan is complete.

-- Pete

Re: NDMP issues

Hey Pete, thanks for getting back to me.  I killed all sessions with an 'ndmpd killall'..... and re-ran a Diagnosis on the filer in the nmc. Still shows as Down.

Apparently there is a burt in the Engineering level right now pertaining to the locked ndmp sessions... Adai mentioned that he has another customer with the same issue.   I am deduping the SV destinations... I would be surprised if it locked it open until the sis scan was complete. I say that because my previous version of 4.0 didn't have this issue; it's only since the D12 upgrade.