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NetApp Beginner - Help!!!


I'm fairly new to NetApps productlines and storage management. I'm looking forward towards a PoC and eying a demo application (probably in Java) with Data ONTAP simulator.

Pls guide and help. A couple of basic and simple operations is what I need to do right now.

Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

You could take a look at our getting started demo series for storage management.

vSims are available for download from our NOW web-site



Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

Thanks Amrita!

But I'm eying a demo that should do probably the simplest file operation that Operations Manager is capable of doing (anything that you suggest) by using the NM SDK. The documentation is quite comprehensive and has already put me into a lot of confusion.

Any help on that front would be highly appreciated.

Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

Hi rksindwani

Welcome to the communities - probbaly the best way to get started is to get a copy of the ONTAP Simulator and use System Manager 1.1 in order to familiarise yourself with the basic operations.

If you are an existing customer/partner you should be able to download both of these from NOW at the following links:

Systems Manager -

ONTAP Simulator -

This will get you started with the basics and Systems Manager will let you setup and perform the basic administration



Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

Thanks Rich!! I just hope this works out for me. Thanks again

Re: NetApp Beginner - Help!!!

No problem - just shout if you need help :-)

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Hey Rich,

I was jus tryin to install the simulator. Even after following the steps mentioned in the installation manual, the web interface is not coming up. Attached is a snapshot of the telnet session for your reference.

Pls help!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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hi rish,

Check if you have the httpd options enabled

refer see the last comment by kkalyanp_80

hope this helps.



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Thanks Venkat!!!

I activated http license.

Now, when I run "options httpd ", it shows the following

httpd.admin.enable           on
httpd.admin.hostsequiv.enable off
httpd.admin.max_connections  512
httpd.admin.ssl.enable       off on
httpd.autoindex.enable       off
httpd.bypass_traverse_checking off
httpd.enable                 off

I'm not able to access FilerView through http after activating the license.  httpd.enable should be ON but right now its OFF, how can I put it ON???

Pls help!!!!