NetApp Filer



I wonder our network or netapp filer seems to have very low perfomance.

For some software publisher I was asked if I could try some tar operation to check our system.

However the operation took about 8min while using netapp filer. However when I do same operation on local /tmp the operatien takes 10s.


Number of files in workarea=4000 and size is 390MB,



cd /path/to/workarea cd ..


time tar cf workarea.tar ./<workareadir>

 3.232u 13.710s 7:47.04 3.6%        0+0k 302304+772848io 0pf+0w du -hsc workarea.tar <workareadir>

 379M          workarea.tar mkdir nfs_test


mv workarea.tar nfs_test


time tar xf workarea.tar 

5.611u 64.788s 17:32.43 6.6%      0+0k 772784+302304io 0pf+0w


mkdir -p /tmp/localdisk_test

cd /tmp/localdisk_test


time /bin/cp workarea.tar /tmp/localdisk_test

0.000u 0.427s 0:00.43 97.6%         0+0k 0+772784io 0pf+0w


time tar xf workarea.tar

1.224u 10.427s 0:12.21 95.3%       0+0k 64+302304io 0pf+0w


time tar cf workarea2.tar ./<workareadir>

0.488u 2.238s 0:02.73 99.2%    0+0k 40+1546312io 0pf+0w


I wonder if our filer is set up properly. Maybe do you have an idea if those differences are reasonalbe.

The netapp filer was bought about 3y ago.


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Re: NetApp Filer

Performance troubleshooting is a common query, but it's a multi-step process to triage what is wrong. In short, no, it shouldn't take 8 minutes to copy 390MB to a NetApp filer.


To start with, what version of ONTAP is this filer running, and what model and is it running in Clustered ONTAP, or classic 7-mode ONTAP?


What disk configuration is present? What size, how many and what are the aggregate layouts?


From this information we can give some pointers on options.