NetApp Management Console (OM 3.7)

Trying to create and use a generic user acct as a login so management console can be dsiplayed in our NOC on a 52" monitor.

I am able to login but, I have nothing but a blank console and not able to display monitoring information.

On the other hand if I login into the managment console with a know admin user everything works fine.

I can also login into Operations Manager with my test account and gain access through the everyone group in a read only mode.

Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong?

Bob L

Re: NetApp Management Console (OM 3.7)

Hi Bob,

Could you please let us know the output of following commands ?

1. "dfm user role list <user>"

2. "dfm role list <role>" (need this command output for every role listed in above command)



Re: NetApp Management Console (OM 3.7)


Below is the output of the commands you mentioned.

C:\Documents and Settings\blapreze-admin>dfm user role list ghtest

Role Id Role Name

Re: NetApp Management Console (OM 3.7)


Is that the complete output ? I see only one cli output and even that seems not complete.

BTW, are you trying to create a user for performance monitoring ? Then a default role "GlobalPerfManagement" is available with required capabilities for performance monitoring.

# dfm role list GlobalPerfManagement
Role-name: GlobalPerfManagement
Role-id: 17
Description: Manage Performance Advisor
Inherited Roles: None
Res Id Resource Name Operation
------- ----------------------------------- -----------------------------------
0 Global DFM.Database.Read
0 Global DFM.Event.Read
0 Global DFM.PerfView.RealTimeRead
0 Global DFM.Database.Write
0 Global DFM.Event.Write
0 Global DFM.PerfView.Write
0 Global DFM.PerfView.Delete

You can create the user using:

# dfm user add -r GlobalPerfManagement raja

# dfm user role list raja
Role Id Role Name
------- -------------------------
17 GlobalPerfManagement