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Need your expert advice...Im considering to implement NetApp - Operations Manager into our infra...but dont know where to start....

We have 3070C as our primary storage and 3020 as our secondary storage. we also have a 3020c in a different site which will be our DR (Snapmirror destination) and vice versa. We are using Veritas Netbackup (upgrading to NBU 6.5) in both site..

Do I really need to implement/use operations manager?


Re: NetApp Management Software - Operations Manager

We have DFM {Operations & Performance} and they are not essentual but do make life easier. I just copy the data and hand it in as part of my monthly reports.

Tek-tools also have a system that may do what you need at a lower price.

Re: NetApp Management Software - Operations Manager

Antoni, you strike an interesting question, hopefully this helps answer your question.

On the surface, first lets break down the components of Operations Manager and what it brings to the table:

Operations Manager is used for day-to-day monitoring of, issuing alerts about, and reporting on storage and NetCache® infrastructure.

Performance Advisor provides a single location from which you can view comprehensive storage system performance information, perform short-trend analysis, and identify existing and potential bottlenecks in the storage infrastructure.

Protection Manager helps you protect data, monitor compliance with data protection policies, and report on data availability.

Provisioning Manager helps you simplify and automate the tasks of provisioning and managing storage for data.

So, ultimately what does all of this mean for your particular infrastructure.

Depending upon your needs, environment, SLA's and a number of other situations you could just as easily get by with using filerview, scripts and even writing your own ZAPI calls utilizing the SDK.

But the point is, if you're looking to leverage your investment, be aware of what is going on with a measurable level of detail which you can track back historically and refer back to the history of events while looking forward to the future to make sure that you're able to meet your needs, this suite of products can greatly benefit you.

I've personally seen products from the Operations Manager suite loaded into environments with as few as 1 filer, and with as many as hundreds+.

Merely having the tool doesn't make it a life changer though, it is utilizing the tool to your benefit.

Some personal advantages I've found where this suite will be able to help you are in your ability to have defined SLA's which are measurable and accountable.

Have a reportable history of change management leveraging and defining a golden configuration so that you are able to ensure consistency in your environment without having to manage every filer as an individual configuration.

Keep up to date on any changes or hiccups in your Storage utilization, so you can tie it back to business group usage and ensure you're meeting your needs for the present as well as the future.

Obviously, the other methods and ability to utilize Operations Manager are many more, from a high level as well as a deep down technical, so there is much to be said there for its benefits in any infrastructure.

Personally, I'd suggest reading through the Admin guides and other material and especially other practices of others in the community who have leveraged it for their benefit so that you might realize some ways to utilize the tool to improve your ability to support your entire infrastructure.

Hopefully I helped address your question Antoni!


Re: NetApp Management Software - Operations Manager

Hi Christopher,

Good Day.

Your response to my questions really help me a lot.. Thank you very much for your inputs..

Re: NetApp Management Software - Operations Manager

I'd really highlight Performance Advisor -- indispensable when trying to track down slowdowns/disk utilization/aggregate utilization/etc.