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NetApp On Command Console?

Does anyone know what the default username and password is for NetApp On Command Console?


Re: NetApp On Command Console?

OnCommand 5.0 (a.k.a. DFM) uses the login credentials of the hosting operating system.  For example, if you've installed OnCommand 5.0 on a Windows 2008 server, you would need to login to the OnCommand Console using a windows account that has administrator privileges (local or AD account).  Once logged in, you can add other windows user accounts to OnCommand and assign roles to grant them privileges.  Refer to the OnCommand 5.0 Administration Guide for more information.

If you're referring to OnCommand Report 1.0, the default login/password is admin/admin123.

Re: NetApp On Command Console?

Does it mean that admin/admin123 is the password for the db of oncommand?

Re: NetApp On Command Console?

Hi Mollon

Steps to create a DB User in OnCommand

Run the following commands

    .1  dfm database user create -u 'DB User Name' -p ' Password'

     2  dfm database access enable -u 'DB User Name'

Use the ' DB User Name' and 'Password' in the OnCommand Report for acquisition.