NetApp System Manager 1.1

Hi All,

I have a FAS2020 Unit with 12 SAS Disks, 2 Controllers, we have created a vif ip, now we cannot add this to the NetApp System Manager 1.1, it asks for partner IP, however this is just a single unit with 2 controlers (HA).

I downloaded OnCommand software too and it just shows basic things not like system manager. any suggestions / guidelines ?

This is just testing and learning at the moment.

Also, what is the procedure of removing VIF and then giving static IPs to both filers, can we then have them in Active / Active and still use NetApp System Manager 1.1 ?

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Re: NetApp System Manager 1.1

You are advised to use Oncommand Systems Manager v2  from now site (free download).

Connect to filer via console/management i/f

ifconfig vif_name down

vif destroy vif_name                    *ifgrp in ONTAP 8

Update /etc/rc file. Remove entries for VIF and then add ifconfig entry for the interface that you would like to setup.


ifconfig e0a `hostname`-e0a netmask

Make sure to update /etc/hosts file for  'hostname`-e0a

>source /etc/rc

verify changes by ifconfig -a

Also refer to the network admin guide (for the ONTAP version that you are running) available to download under

Re: NetApp System Manager 1.1

Hi Baijulal,

Thank you for your prompt response, I just checked the version on FAS2020, it says version 7.3 (I checked it via command line "version")

The version 2 of OnCommand Systems manager I have says it's beta, will check the NOW site tomorrow to download the latest, would that allow for vFiler or vif ? or how do people manage vfilers / vif - just by the command line ??

Thanks again for your prompt response !

Kind Regards