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I am a newbie of Netapp filers. I have a question about the netap monitoring. 

we use in groudwork(Nagios) to monitor our netapp filers.

1) we monitor the following items but I am not sure whether they are enough.   Would you please let me know if anything important I miss?

   by the way, our devices are all Netapp FASXXX.


failed disk/fan/power supplies

global status



volume utilization


nvram battery status

2) We have about 30 Netapp filers right now. and there are many volumes residing on each filer. 

Since we reclaim volumes or create new volumes every so often, the volumes are dynamic and changing. I am wondering that is that possible Groundwork can update these changes automatically or periodically?

Or else we need to inform the monitoring team to add volume or delete volume for monitoring from Groundwork every time we make the change……..

as far as I know, they update this mannually. thus some newly created volumes are omitted. and some obsolete volumes are still in the groudwork.......

hope you can help point me the right direction for me....

thanks in advance

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you can use NetApp® OnCommand® management software it will help you control,
automate, and analyze your storage infrastructure:

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You need to manually change nagios configs when adding / deleting a volume, unless you have some sort of inventory tool from what you generate nagios configs.


Have a look at OnCommand (DFM in the past), it's capable of sending SNMP traps, which you can convert into nagios sms's etc.



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The most important things to add to your list are probably per volume IO latency for reads and writes, per volume operations (reads, write, others), and viewing these on the aggregate level as well, both in the total for the aggregate, and the top volume's contributing to that aggregate's IO load.

Plus snapmirror lag, snap shot volume utilization and autosupport success.

Less critical I'd add cache age, PAM statistics, LUN queueing, and physical disk utilization (good to know if oyu need to rebalance.)

You really need a tool that is going to dynamically discover new/deleted/changed volumes, and monitor all the right stuff automatically.

LogicMonitor does this very nicely.

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thanks Ariel

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good idea. I will try it .



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it's helpful

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