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New Disk Modell


The server does not have the a internet connection to asup.

When the user has added some new disks shelves.

Now it comes back with an error.

I know that you have to ad a line to the New_diskmodels.txt file.

But the problem is that i need the numbers for those disks.

Any one that has a good way of getting the numbers without looking in the disk management console?

Web page ?

I know that OCI connects to Netapp to fetch this info if you have internet connection.

Can one fetch information form there manualy?




Re: New Disk Modell

Hi Jonas,

If you know the missing disk models (which you probably get from OCI server event log), you can google the same to get the required info (assuming that you have internet connection on some other system/laptop) or you that mention that model here. I am sure anyone from this community will provide you required info to fill into that text file.



Re: New Disk Modell

Yes i tyed to google it , but nothing matches.

The diskmoddels ar:

New Disk Model : DKR2D-H3R0SS

New Disk Model : DKR5D-J600SS



Re: New Disk Modell

You have a lucky day today. I already have one model in our environment and I modified another based on the similar model here. Add these lines in new_disk_models.txt file:



Force acquisition the data source and let me know the result.

Re: New Disk Modell

Many thanks.



Re: New Disk Modell

Hi Sunil,

i try to add this line in me server:


this disk infomation is:


Hitachi: 3TB 7.2K rpm



i take this from the google,

and i get this error on the OCI:

can you assist ???

Re: New Disk Modell

The correct entry is:

Here is the entry that is in the latest diskmodel.jar file.

X308_HMARK03TSSM,HITACHI,X308_HMARK03TSSM,7200,3000,SATA,,200.0,750.0,# 22397 http://now.netapp.com/NOW/download/tools/diskqual/

you have one too many commas between the the model and 7200.

Re: New Disk Modell

Thanks all for the info.

@Kerick         how can you read something from the Diskmodel.jar File?

if there is , this is the way i was looking for originaly.



Re: New Disk Modell

Hi Jonas,

You can extract (using winzip or 7zip) the jar file and you will get a text file. Open that with some advanced notepads like notepad++ to read the content.

Note: Copy the .jar to some temporary location then perform above step. Also editing the original content is not advisable.