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No stats reporting from filer

We're running v3 of the software pulling in data for approx 10 NAS but a couple of them show no stats for example processor0 or vifs etc, the graph appears but no data.

Under Set up it lists the NAS, perf advisor transport set to HTTPS Ok, login credentials Good, Max projected and Used space aren't 0 percentage used is 4% or thereabouts and data collection status is green.

From the DFM server running dfm host diag nasname it shows all passed under the performance advisor checklist


Re: No stats reporting from filer

Can you provide the screen shots for which the stats ( processor0 or vifs )  are not collected and the out put of dfm host diag nasname?

Re: No stats reporting from filer

Hi what we're really after is the volume latency info but it's sensitive information so have raised a support case.