OCI 7.3.1 Data Source Error

Hi. all


We have an new server with a new install of OCI 7.3.1

but Data sources is failing with the error message : Error connecting: Error in primary IP - Failed to connect to ZAPI at:, check IP/port connectivity and assert ZAPI configuration. 


DOT : 8,2,3 7-mode and  We verified port communication using telnet(80,443)


Thanks in advance for any ideas/solutions




Re: OCI 7.3.1 Data Source Error

Has this datasource ever worked against this array, on any version of OCI?


Is so, was anything changed?



There is a field that controls whether OCI is speaking http or https against the device - i,e, speaking TLS/SSL or not.


If you have set the datasource to use port 443, you need to ensure that field is set to HTTPS


If the datasource is set to 80, HTTP.


Otherwise, you are trying to speak TLS/SSL to a port that doesn't support it (80), or NOT trying to speak TLS/SSL to a port the require it (443)


Re: OCI 7.3.1 Data Source Error

Appreciate the your reply.


c-mode added nomally...


need additional permissions on ontap user role?