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as known it's possible to set global policies and/or thresholds form Tools/Settings or to manage exceptions for some objects (datastore, volumes and so on)

About thresholds of VMs is there a way to group VM basing them on different thresholds value?


I mean, putting i.e. the CPU utilization between 45 and 75% can be satisfactory for some group of VMs but it cannot for others. I could have VMs where 85% is the global thresholds generates alert also for VM with more flexibility.





Re: OCI - About policies and thresholds

The best process I'm currently aware of for this is to identify your VMs in the Java interface, multi-select the group you want, and apply a VM-specific policy to it. 

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This is what I presumed...but I cannot find the way?

Multiselect offer just this items...something I should know?


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Re: OCI - About policies and thresholds

I am pretty sure all you can create an annotation for the latency policy you want and then apply the annotation to the multi-selected VM group as ashown in the Image.   You can then use the Java client to filter based on the specific annotation.   Select all the VM's and apply and Exception latency policy.    In 7.1 April release, Threshhold are being moved to the webui. There will be new enhansements to the Threshold Management for OCI. 


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