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OCPM 4.1.1 run another instance of monitoringhost.exe and flood with "snmp port already in use"



We did the upgrade from 4.1.0 to 4.1.1 couple weeks ago. seems like the initial discovery run successfully (likely under the server run-as account) , but last week i noticed that i almost don't have any objects anymore (aggr, vol, lun) in SCOM. and that the dicrovery task fail with permission issue.

I fiddled with the run-as profiles. and changed it to the 'original' service account of ours. but then i got flooded with critical SCOM alerts. "Network Monitoring SNMP Trap port is already in use by another program."

looking in netstat for process listening on the 162 port. i see process ID of monitoringhost.exe running on the username of the OCPM account.


i guess it's a 4.1.1 new bug as NetApp changed the run-as profiles in that version....


anyone crossed it ?