OCUM 7.3 and Grafana without NetApp Harvest



I just want to know if we can have a setup of Grafana and OCUM 7.3 without NetApp Harvest, since OCUMm 7.3 has OPM?


If this is possible, how do we configure this in Grafana?



Re: OCUM 7.3 and Grafana without NetApp Harvest

Yes, Graphite integration is still available in OCUM 7.3 (that includes OPM) :


Configuring a connection from a Unified Manager server to an external data provider


From there you just have to use Grafana/Graphite integration that is not dependant on NetApp options. Keep in mind that you will have to build your own Dashboards, as there is no pre-built option that I know of.


That's the other great thnig about Harvest, it comes with a plethora of pre-built dashboard but they are only compatible with the set of metrics collected by Harvest (which are much more than the set provided by just OPM)


Hope it helps.