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OSSV Naming Convention


Recently, we created another dataset to backup Open System (C:\ and D:\ Drive) All went good, but when we checked the snapshot name, it ended with xx for the drive like below:



I am wandering if this is cause by the Open System is already exist in another dataset. And OSSV will try to differenttiate the snapshot naming..?




OSSV Naming Convention

Hi Low,

     Can you give more details like the verison of DFM server ? OSSV version ?

As a matter of fact ontap doesnt support a snapshot name with slash (/).

Also dfm does the following.

Snapshot name will have ASCII alphabets, ASCII numbers, underscore '_', hyphen '-', plus sign '+' and a dot '.'. All other characters will be converted to 'x'.

So it explains why you snapshot names are with xx.



Re: OSSV Naming Convention

Hi Low,

the secondary qtrees are named the same as the primary qtrees.

In your case the primary "qtree" is the drive letter "C:\".

As ":" and "\" are special characters that are not allowed within qtree names, those are substitutet  - each by an "x".

Thus "Cxx" is nothing else than arepresentation of "C:\"

regards, Niels

Re: OSSV Naming Convention

Hi Adai

I've just upgraded to OnCommand 5.0 and have come accross this change of replacing all characters with a 'x'. Is there any hidden setting in DFM to override to replace all other characters with a underscore '_' like in DFM 4.0.2. My Unix hosts have a qtree hostname_var_aps which now looks like hostname_varxaps.

Thanks in advance