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OSSV & Protection Manager

IHAC is going to deploy about 70 OSSV agents to backup to nearstore.

When using protection manager and provision policy to create the dataset, we found we could not controll how big the backup volume would be created on the nearstore.

Does anybody know how to do that?


OSSV & Protection Manager

PM by default checks for 10GB for free space in the destination aggr,  for each source member in the OSSV dataset.

So if you have 3 directory  or drive(incase of windows) as member of a dataset like, /opt /root /usr, then PM checks

for 30 GB for free space, once it find that much space,it creates a destination volume to the size of the aggr, with

guarantee of the volume set to none.If you have secondary provisioning policy in place, with dedupe enabled, then the

size of the volume would be the max size supported for a dedupe volume in respective ONTAP version and FAS/N-series Model.

The size of the secondary volume can be controlled by setting the following opitons.

dfm option set pmAutomaticSecondaryVolMaxSizeMb=<value in MB>.

This will limit the size of all secondary volumes provisioned by PM.

What you may do it set this option only during the OSSV secondary volume creations and reset it back afterwards as follows.

dfm option set pmAutomaticSecondaryVolMaxSizeMb=0.



OSSV & Protection Manager

Thanks, Adai. It is very helpful.

BTW, do we have any best practice for Windows OS backup using OSSV?