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Observed SnapMirror rates

A while ago, I was involved in some tests relating to SnapMirror and documented portions of it here http://rajeev.name/blog/?s=snapmirror (external link).

However, I am wondering if folks have done similar work and are able to measure the SnapMirror rates that resulted from the exercise/effort. Without going into any environment specifics, a one liner like "VSM with De-dupe over a T1 link, we observed a rate of XX kbps" might be a useful stat to gather.


Re: Observed SnapMirror rates

Did some work with a pair of FAS2050 to a single FAS2050 via a 90Mb DSL pipe. Once we sorted out the line issues between Vienna and Bratislava we are able get 60Mbs with the default settings. Used pktt and wireshark to find the sweet spot. We also have FAS3070 to FAS3070 over a UK based 1Gb MPLS and again the default setting work best. Seeing 100Mbs plus but there is alot of other traffic on the link too.

Hope this helps.