Obtaining workflow ID from GUI


We are testing the Web Services component of WFA and found that there doesn't appear to be a way to get the workflow ID that is needed when making an API call to WFA to execute a specific workflow.  We had to used the getAllWorkFlows () call to do this but that is rather clunky and we'd appreciate if there was some way in the GUI to see the workflow ID's without having to make this call.  I wasn't able to find this but I could be missing it -- does anyone know if this is available in the web GUI now?  If not, can I make a request that it be added?  Thank you.


Re: Obtaining workflow ID from GUI

You know what would be even cooler?  Is if there was a Web Services section in the GUI where it defined the ID, and the parameters (their specific names) that need to be passed to the workflow.  There's probably other stuff that could be added but this would be useful...

Re: Obtaining workflow ID from GUI


Every workflow has an HTML help .

In WFA 1.0.X   Use Help -->Online help

In WFA 1.1 Use Help-->Reference manual

The help contains information such as Workflow name ,description ,input variables ,output variables ,used commands and so on .

Currently the workflow ID is not part of the help .Would adding it to the help file answer your requirment ?

Attached screenshot sample for such help