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On Command Host ssl error

Hello communitie,

after reinstalling oncommand host i have this error with a rediscovery task

SOAP 1.2 fault: SOAP-ENV:Sender[no subcode]

"SSL_ERROR_SSLerror:14090086:SSL routines:SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE:certificate verify failed"

Detail: SSL_connect error in tcp_connect()

How can i troubleshoot ?


Resolved with this thread :

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Re: On Command Host ssl error

It sounds like you probably have the same problem that I had.  I had uninstalled 1.0 in order to upgrade to 1.1.  When I did that, onCommand reported that the host service was down, but I suspected it had to do with the certificate.

So, here is how I resolved it:

On my onCommand server, open a dos window and type this command: dfm hs unregister [ -f ] <host-service>

After you do that,  the host service server will not be listed as a Managed Host Service in the Host Service tab.

Click on Add on the Host Service tab to add the server back.

It should now be added back, but displaying as unauthorized.  At this point, just do the final step to authorize it.

Everything should now work.  Don't worry if you already have datasets set up and backups.  You will not loose them.  The only thing I saw after the unregister was that my VMware datasets went to noncomformant.  As soon as I finished the steps, the datasets were fine.

Hope this help.


On Command Host ssl error

Thanks Michael.

On Command Host ssl error

No problem.  Happy to help when I can.